Pocket of Happiness

Whenever I feel down or gloomy or uninspired, then I would take something out of my pocket.

That “something” are special moments I’ve collected from many years of my life.

Some are from my childhood memories. When Papi started his car engines, and we were all excited because he would take us cruising the street in early morning on our PJ’s.

The moment I opened my box of crossstitch and started working on a new pattern.

Some are from my adulthood also.

When my baby nephew was born and I had a chance to splurge him with many gifts.

When I hold my son on my lap while I stroke his curly hair and point to an aeroplane zooming the sky as our car drove.

I called them my pocket of happiness.

With them, I could chase my troubles away bcos I feel like I own the world.  And maybe, just maybe … I would have some extra pocket to share it with others.