Banana Oatmeal Cupcake


2,5 pisang lumatkan (2 pisang besar, 1 kecil)

5 sdm oats

2 sdm tepung pecah beras (bisa diskip)

1 sdm minyak zaitun

2 sdm madu (sebagai pengganti gula)

sejumput garam

sejumput vanili

1/4  cangkir air

Taburan kismis buat tambahan

Cara Bikin:

Campur semua bahan dalam satu wadah. Tuang dalam cetakan cupcake.

Panggang dalam oven bersuhu 200 derajat Celcius selama kurang lebih 20 menit.

Hasil Eksekusi:

banana oatmeal cupcake

I Love it!

It’s chewy ‘n yummy ‘n a great healthy snacks 😛

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I Thank You

I Thank You for the memories from my early days.

They are my source of inspiration. My most valuable life lessons.


I Thank You for the family whom I’ve grow up with.

We’ve been through a lot together.

However different we may have grown, I love them to pieces and nothing can replace them in my heart.


I Thank You for my new family who has welcomed me with open arms.

Having a large extended family by my side has been my lifelong dream.


I Thank You for the companion of this wonderful guy that You have sent me.

He has truly been my solid rock. May we be a couple in heaven and earth. Amen.


I Thank You for my circle of friends. They all bring laughter, joy, and colour to my world.


I Thank You for the ultimate gift of all, my bundle of joy, the answer of my prayer, my son, Radinek.

Having him really taught me a lot about life.

Since then, all of my other wishes seems trivial and greedy. His presence has given me much more than I could’ve asked for.


I Thank You for my journey so far.

My hapiness has taught me to be more giving.

My trials has taught me to be a humble piece of human being.


I Thank You for this 34 years of my life.

I am trully blessed.