My 30 Months Old Baby

Radi turned 30 months today. Yep, you’re 2,5 year young, dear boy 🙂

In terms of speech, he hasnt yet make a sentence. 😦 Although he understands quite well when given instructions. Hopefully he’ll talk more soon. My mom said that Radi follows after his Opa (my dad) who started talking when he was 3.

Aside from that, I am trully happy and blessed being able to see his overall development each passing days.

He knows almost half of the alphabet by now. And no, I didnt force him for early reading. He picked it up himself by watching and reading his fave sesame street book. Also from a preschool educational app when he sometimes play on his grannys ipad. (And yes… he enjoys it).

He likes to shout out all the colours he sees. “Papa, yellow!” while pointing to his daddys shirt. “Nih, purple!” as he points to his crayon.

He loooves to imitate.  He always imitate gestures from people he sees on TV or around him. He likes to dance a lot. Jump, wiggle, and run…  anything involves his gross-motoric skills.

And he also loves routines. During sleep time, he must grab his bottle of milk. And after covered by blanket, he likes being read stories to by her mom (nope, Dad… only Mom can read it to me during my bedtime) :D. His favourite book right now is the “Brown Bear, Brown Bear.” He’ll point out all the animals and colours in each page and insist me reading it over and over again although it’s a really short story.


In terms of character, Radi has blossomed into a rather quiet and observant boy. Although he also throw tantrums from time to time which I am relieved for because I know that tantrums is a developmental milestones for toddlers. I think he prefers to observe more before jumping into a new situation. He doesnt like loud noises and crowded places, just like his mom. And he is still afraid of swimming. Even during bathtime, he prefers to only put his feet to an ankle-deep water in his bathtub. 😀

He tends to avoid conflicts and doesnt mind if some other kid grab his toy while he plays with it. But in the future I hope I’ll be able to instill some assertiveness in him which he will need for his lack of aggresive character. Hopefully my son won’t have to experience the same thing his mother went through during childhood years. Being bullied and often taken advantage of because of my timid and shy character. (Maybe I’ll write about developing assertiveness in Radi next time).


Well dear boy, now I think your next developmental milestone will be potty trained. Bismillah…wish us luck!

3 pemikiran pada “My 30 Months Old Baby

  1. masyaalloh sudah 6 bulan berlalu ya sejak hari itu, saat kita kumpul di Meeks celebrating Radi’s birthday 🙂 sehat senantiasa ya nak. tumbuh jd anak yg bahagia dan soleh 🙂

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