Behind Money Motivation

Many people may not understand why I’m so money minded. So determined to find new source of income, to earn more cash. It’s not just about the money. It’s the motivation that lies behind my so called money-minded attitude. See… I come from a struggling family, financially. I don’t call ourselves poor yet we have never own a home of our own, or a car. Our family never set a foot on what its called “financial stability”.  And there were times when we didn’t know how were we gonna pay for our education fees or how were we gonna pay for groceries the next week.

Because we have always deal with money issues, especially my mom as the pillar of the family, I always have a dream that someday I would be able to pamper her financially in her old days, to be able to lavish her with so many things she could only dreamed of in the past.

Although I have a family of my own now to look after, this dream I had never waver a bit. I still feel that I have a responsibility to realizing that dream I had. To be able to make my mom feel secure financially. I want to repay her for all those times she saved and counted every pennies she had so she could treat us kids with special meals. Or all the times when she lavished us with so many toys and nice dresses while she can use it to buy something else to pamper herself. I never recall her ever going to the beauty salon, to the cinema, or buy a perfume or dress for herself.

She always puts her children above everything else. She has sacrificed so much for us.

And now in her 72 years of age, I feel my time is running out. I have to run as fast as I can to chase that long-ago yet still glimmering dream. To wipe the worries in her wrinkled forehead while counting her pennies left and to be able to say to her, “Don’t worry now, Ma. I’ll take care of you as you have taken care us all these times.”

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