Our Three Years Journey


I asked one day to the man of my life, “Will your feelings for me be lesser when I’m older and my face covered with wrinkles?”

“No,” he replied reassuringly, “my feelings towards you will only blossom by then.”

At first I thought his quick reply was only to please me.

But it’s true, perhaps. That a genuine affection should blossom by time.

A true love is not an artificial feeling that depends only on exterior beauty.

It’s a feeling that will grow and strengthen through our shared experiences.

When we carved new memories together.

Akad 21 November 2010

Akad 21 November 2010


Our three years journey is filled with many bitter sweet stories—way more on the sweetness, for sure.

We have shared many tears and laughter together.

When we lost the long-awaited baby in my womb.

The birth of our first son.

Our hesitation—me for the most part—to buy our own house where we intend to build a new foundation for our little family with our own identity, but then decided to just go for it.

And finally, experiencing long-distance relationship for nearly half a year—half year which feels like half a decade.


Along the journey, I’m proud to say we’ve manage our conflicts pretty well.

We have learned to compromise wisely.

And to respect each other characters as an individual.


Though three years is relatively a short period of time.

And we may have only taken some baby steps.

But I believe, darling, hand in hand our love will only strengthen and blossom through the test of time.


I love you, Ihsan Naufan.

Thank you for being such a best friend for the past three years.

I cant wait to see what the future holds for us.

To pursue our dreams together and to spend the rest of my life time with you.


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