The Story of Papa and Me

Papa likes to…

Carry me like a papa kangaroo…


Put me on his lap while we watch elmo together…


Try putting me to sleep but then fall asleep sooner than me…


Kiss and tickle me…


Takes me to go see places…


And letting me climb on his back.


People often say that I look like my Papa. The way I walk, the way I smile, even my curly hair. 😛

see, we look a like right? 😛
(ok, I’m still bold on this pic)

The past 4 months I’ve only seen him through my mommy computer and I couldn’t touch or hold him. I miss my papa a lot. But my mom said he is waiting for me in the land of kangaroo and that soon we will go see him there.

papa before departing to Sydney on June 24 2013
(“I’m still a baby in this pic.”)

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